hi there, my name is shelli. creativity and design have been a passion since i can remember.  i’m best known for detail, organization, and bringing together all of the elements of your business to tell your story through design. i also have a love of travel and have traveled to over 20 countries. this is my husband. he’s the best.

when i’m not designing, you can find me snuggling with my pup, Kip, savoring a craft beer (current favorite Lightning Creek Old British Strong Ale), and researching new adventures to explore.

i studied graphic design and public relations at winona state university (minnesota), and have done countless design projects for friends and clients, but it has always been on the side of my full-time job. as matt and i think about having a family, i want to jump deeper into helping businesses create beautiful things. i am open to anything – if you need help with colors, logos, patterns, typography, or imagery – i can make it happen!  thanks for stopping by my site.