The Two Best Business Card Printing Services I’ve Found

Nov 1, 2019 | Branding & Identity, Graphic Design Basics, Tools & Resources

Guys! I want to share my two favorite online print and design companies for creating and designing your own business cards: MOO & Zazzle.

Business cards are such an important expression of your brand, and must suit the personality and style of your company’s ethos. I’m going to share which two online companies I like best to make quality, reasonably-priced business cards.

Why I like MOO
Moo has several business card features that allow you to create specialty pieces. They have a line called “Luxe” that uses extra-thick Mohawk Superfine luxury paper and they actually color the seams of the business cards. Super professional and clean, naturally textured, and simple.

Moo also makes square-shaped business cards, mini business cards, and cards with gorgeous special finishes, including: gold foil, silver, spot glass, letterpress, and more. Super luxurious, and they provide an instant PDF preview of your design before you ever place an order.

I created my own business cards with Moo, and I absolutely adore them. They are totally me! Check them out, here:

I chose a square design with rounded edges, and my pack actually includes four different image styles for the front, and the same image on the back.

My theme/style involves simple san-serif fonts and black and white minimalist coloring, so the back of each card reflects that. The front images on my cards show more of the colorful/fun expression of my personality.

Why I like Zazzle
Zazzle is unique in that it connects makers and designers with customers. Designers can sell their designs on thousands of products, including business cards, and customers benefit from gorgeous, professional design-work.

You can also create your own customized design using Zazzle as well. For those of you who may not have the luxury of the whole Adobe Design Suite, Zazzle is a great option for quality templates at a super reasonable price.

I have been working with Beth, curator for All That Glitters Boutique, to come up with the perfect business card to express the girly, chic, sparkly (because… glitter…) personality of the company. We went through an initial draft, and Beth was able to identify the direction of her favorite business card based on the six options.

Beth liked 006 the best; she liked the bright depth of the magenta and the cascading gold glitter, so based on that, we focused in on some options for the back of the card. She wanted it to include her business logo somehow, and maybe play with the tint of the pinks for the back, so here were the options I gave her once we honed it in further:

Zazzle makes it super easy to tweak and customize design templates, add in your logo, change font styles and more. Both Zazzle and Moo have decent shipping times and prices and allow you to create very professional, fun business cards!


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